A true Co-Deposition, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) particles are deposited in a matrix of Nickel plating. This imparts excellent lubricity onto the coated part. PTFE coated articles are used widely throughout industry. They are used to provide wear resistance in valves parts, corrosion resistance in threaded fasteners, and release in plastic molds. PTFE coated articles have been used in various engineering applications due to the built in surface lubrication that they provide.

% Phosphorus 9 – 12 % phosphorus
Thickness Between 0.0003” – 0.0005” thicker deposits are possible under certain conditions
Tolerance ± 0.0001”
Uniformity 0.00005”
Coefficient of Friction 0.1 (ASTM D-2714)
Corrosion resistance > 1000 hours (ASTM B117 salt spray for 0.001” deposit)
Wear Resistance 12 mg/1000 cycles Taber test on hardened sample
Maximum operating Temperature 250 °C
As plated hardness Max. 44 HRc